Services Available
-Comprehensive Pre-Purchase
-Condition and Value
Comprehensive, Pre-Purchase Survey

A detailed inspection and report detailing many aspects of the vessel.  I look
at hull construction, checking for any damage or signs of stress. I check for
moisture using a non-destructive measuring device in fiberglass and coring
material. I also use the tried-and-true sounding mallet to listen for voids,
de-lamination, or core deterioration. Electronics and electrical systems (both
AC and DC) are inspected and tested for proper function and safety
protections. Plumbing systems and through-hull fittings are investigated for
condition, function, and safety. Powerplant systems are examined and tested
when possible. Overall condition of the vessel is noted for cosmetic condition
and general usability. Sailboat rigging is throughly inspected, safety
equipment is documented, and on-board supplies such as spare parts are

Suggestions will be made as to repairs that must be made or necessary
supplies in order to maintain total safety, improve your boating experience,
and outfit the vessel.

Condition and Value Survey

Problems are noted, all systems are inspected for function and safety,
engine systems are examined and tested when possible, and the hull, deck,
and rigging are examined. This survey is commonly used for inspection

Consultation Services

If you have questions about something on your boat, have questions about
repairs that should be done, or have concerns about repairs that were made,
I'd be happy to come and take a look in order to help you fully enjoy your
boat in a safe manner.  

If you would like a cost estimate for my surveying services,
please visit my
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